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The MySmart Foods Difference

Last night was a success for the launch of our 28 day program! We had a small group which was good. We were really able to dive deep into the USANA difference and I had the opportunity to share my testimony. What I love about Usana's shakes is that they are totally personalized and I am receiving the balanced amount of my macro-nutrients. When I was about 11 or so, I started trying different ways to maintain/lose my weight by cutting out different meals. But what I found was that I was growing weaker and in school I was losing focus in my schoolwork. My sleep schedule was way off and I was always so tired. I didn't realize how important it was to receive enough nutrients in the foods I was eating. In my mind I was thinking "I'm still young. I don't have to worry about this." But it doesn't matter how old you are, your health still matters. 
In today's society we are overfed, but under nourished. Obesity has become a major problem in many lives and it…

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