Summer Update

Wow! Here we are almost into the month of July! This summer is going by fast and I hope you are using this time to reach some of your fitness and health goals. When you get out of school, or you're on vacation, etc.. it's easy to get away from being consistent and go off in the deep end. But hang in there!!

On July 7, my family and I are starting our first 28 Day Program. We are centering it around weight loss since obesity has become a big issue here in America. People set goals at the beginning of the new year to lose, but how many stick in there till even July? If you are, congrats! Proud of you!! But for most people they get tired in the first few weeks.

The Be Healthy 28-Day Program from USANA makes it easier than ever to pursue your healthy lifestyle goals. The combination of the CellSentials™ and BiOmega™ supplements and USANA® MySmart™ Foods gives you both the micronutrients and macronutrition you need to complement healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. And as a member of my group, you’ll receive support and encouragement from others who are looking to meet or exceed similar healthy lifestyle goals.

On the 7th, we will be having a launching at our house for it, but for those of you interested but you cannot attend, we can do a Facebook live. E-Mail or message me to let me know!

I for one can vouch that these products really do work!! Just this last Tuesday I had to go see my endocrinologist for a regular checkup. When I first started going, he prescribed for me to take metformin. But being the stubborn person I was (still am), I didn't take it and instead found other ways to keep my weight down. I did not like the idea of taking medication and I'm still young (15 on the 3rd). Once you get "hooked" on meds, it's hard to get off. I know this because my dad has to take a ton for several health issues he has. Well, this past Tuesday when we went in, my doctor said my weight was going down and my blood pressure was normal and that everything was looking great! That was a big deal to me. Ever since my primary doctor said I was gaining, it felt like there was no hope. Losing weight is definitely not an easy thing and the older you get, the harder it becomes.

I told him I wasn't taking the medication and instead I was taking USANA's MySmartShakes and Vitamins. These products have helped me a lot so I definitely encourage you to check them out and try them.

On that note, I have many goals I want to accomplish this summer. Starting June 1 till now I have lost 13 pounds! At the end of this journey I want to lose a total of 75. It will be a lot of work and determination but I believe it can and will happen.

What are your health goals for this summer? Where do you hope to be when August rolls around again? Interested in the program? Again, contact me and we can work out a time that fits both of our schedules.

Everything we do helps you love life and live it!


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