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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to view my blog :) "Your Healthy Lifestyle" is meant to promote USANA Health Sciences, a Utah-based company that produces various nutritional products and dietary supplements. 

Towards the end of September 2016 my mom's friend invited her and our family to a health meeting. Her and I ended up going and this amazing company was introduced to us through Len & Bheng Jung, our now fellow associates who are gold and ruby directors. I was skeptical of the idea when we walked in. It seems like most vitamin companies truly don't do anything and it seems they are after your money - this was my mindset. However, after hearing their personal testimonies and others I thought "Why not? Seems like the real deal."  At the time my dad was having some health issues and our family was praying for a solution and for a way to have a healthier lifestyle. I personally was dealing with some health problems and my mom had her aches and pains, who doesn't? My mom told them we would pray and think about it and we would get back with them. That coming Sunday we called them and enrolled as associates. The vitamins and supplements along with the company's other products were a true blessing and has been helping us immensely. In the first 5 weeks of taking their shakes and teens' Body Rox vitamins I lost 12 pounds and I wasn't feeling as tired and run down. I was also getting better sleep and my grades in school got even better from what they were and I felt energized! 

God worked a miracle in bringing us in contact with this company and it's our hope and dream to help other people with physical health needs AND spiritual needs. Do let us know if you have questions or would like to know more about the company. We would be glad to answer them :)

If ever you would like to get a hold of me, you can either email or send me a message over facebook messenger and Ill do my best to respond right away.

God Bless!
Ang Ranstrom


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